How To Get The Most Cash For Your Broken Gold And Jewelry

It is a simple fact.  We accumulate a lot of gold jewelry, over time, and much of it either goes out of fashion or becomes brokheaderen the during tones normal day-to-day wear.

The think is that this broken jewelry is now worth a whole lot of money.  And, in some cases, it is worth a lot more than was paid for it.  Why?  Because the price of gold has gone up and up over the last 10 years.

Those 21karat gold earnings you bought 10 years ago, only wore once and can now only find one of them, have a high gold value and selling them (actually it) can put some much needed cash in your pocket.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you feel you need some extra cash in a very short span of time, selling broken and unwanted gold jewelry may be a great option.

Before you rush of to the local jewelry store to sell, you need to understand that there are now many places that will buy your old jewelry items. There are, of course, jewelry stores and pawn shops that have been around for ages, but there are now also specialty “cash for Gold” stores that will give you prices based on the actual price of gold on any given day.

Because there is this choice, you need to pick the place you sell to very, very carefully as that will all pay different amount.

Firstly, forget about the pawn shops.  These places will give you peanuts.  Next, you should forget about the local jewelry store.  These places will give low prices for scrap gold – they will however give decent prices for designer jewelry.  But, if you have designer jewelry you are probably going to have it repaired and not sell it for scrap.

The best places to sell broken gold are to specialty cash for gold stores.  These come in three different “types”, which are:-

  1. Ones that operate from a physical store
  2. Ones that operate online only
  3. Ones that have both physical stores and online services

So which one should you chose?

It is best to select from those that have both physical store locations and also provide the cash for gold services via the internet also.  The reason fro this is simple. The companies that offer just online services could hide behind the anonymous internet website and could (I am not saying they will) give bad deals and then easily disappear.

The ones that purely operate from physical locations, with no online services, will usually have higher operating coasts.  This means a lower price will be paid to you.

But, the ones that have both physical stores and offer all of their services online provide the security, for you, of having a physical location (so you know who to complain to) and can also offer better prices as they have lower overheads.  Not only that, once you have successfully dealt with the company at one of their stores, any further business with them can be handled from the comfort of our own home as these companies allow you to send in your broken gold jewelry and they then send a payment directly to you.  How convenient is that.

So, to conclude, now is the time to go through all of your old, outdated, out-of-fashion and unwanted jewelry to find those pieces that you no longer want.  It is then a simple process to take these items to s specialty cash for gold store and get paid.  You will be pleasantly surprised how much your gold is worth given the current gold prices.